If you wanted to learn how to do it, you would be somewhere else.

Hypebloom is an email marketing & web design service that is going to scratch “send email to subscribers” & "build website" off your to-do list and make sure it never sits there, ignored & untouched, again. 

It’s really great that you’ve set up that mailing platform and started gaining subscribers, even thought about building a website.
It’s not so great that you haven’t sent out a single email since. 

Recently I signed up to a bunch of mailing lists from my favourite local businesses, and I was kinda bummed to hear from only 20% of them! Literally! Out of the 20 mailing lists I subscribed to, 4 (FOUR!) contacted me in any way at all. The remaining 16 businesses never sent out a single email, and to this day I have still never heard from them. What a waste! 

Your customers are right here and they want to buy what you're selling. But they have a bad memory and need to be reminded, on a weekly basis, of what you have to offer. It is what it is. 

You see what I’m saying? 

I signed up because I WANTED to be advertised to. Instead, I got nothing. Zero, zilch, zip, nada.

It’s easy to say: "Well I’m not losing anything by not sending out emails." But obviously there’s not going to be a visible decline in sales from a marketing avenue that you never even started using. Is there.

Email Marketing is kind of wild... 

  • It actually gives you the highest return on investment. Way more than any other social media platform. Sorry Instagram. 
  • With Emails, you actually own your audience, (not Zuck) and these people only subscribed because they genuinely want to hear from you. No pesky follow/unfollow business happening here. 
  • Most importantly you get to bypass the absolute shitstorm that is the Instagram algorithm.
    That’s right, the planets don’t have to be in alignment or some other nonsense to ensure that people will actually see what you have to say. You can shove your updates right into their inbox where they want it. 
I’m not here to hold your hand, and explain how to send out emails. I’m here to do it for you.